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Honoring the NewSchools mission to transform public education.
Pearson is a proud sponsor of the NewSchools Summit; it’s a privilege to join educators, thinkers, and entrepreneurs who are committed to learning. We’re united in our belief that all people can improve their lives through learning. To make this belief a reality, Pearson has taken a bold step to measure and report its impact on learner outcomes around the world.

"Efficacy" means we hold ourselves accountable.
What is efficacy? Efficacy isn’t just effectiveness, and it’s not quite the same as efficiency. For us, efficacy is about making sure we have a measureable impact on improving someone’s life through learning. It’s about ensuring we are delivering the learning outcomes we set out to achieve. Efficacy and learning outcomes drive us and keep us mission-focused. We want to know what works—and share what we learn in an effort to improve learning for all people.



Cassie CrockettLearn more about efficacy at the "But How Do We Know What's Working?" Breakout at Summit, featuring Cassie Crockett, Senior Associate, Pearson Global Efficacy Team. 


 The Incomplete Guide to Delivering Learning Outcomes
This guide describes the challenges we face to transform education and how we might collaborate to solve them. It proposes “Ten Lessons for Delivering Learning Outcomes.”

 Asking More: The Path to Efficacy
This collection brings together articles from nine leading education experts, setting out the progress that can be made through a renewed focus on outcomes.


Open for Business
Catalyst logoAre you the next big thing in edtech? Catalyst is helping startup companies develop digital solutions that address our most important educational challenges. Check out the 10 challenges for this year’s 2014 Catalyst program.

A Making and Learning Experience
Makerversity logo
What does the classroom of the future look like? Makerversity brings together education innovators, enthusiasts, and problem solvers. It’s an amazing way for start-ups and entrepreneurs to test creative ideas and improve learning outcomes.

Pearson Affordable Learning FundImproving Access to Quality Education
All people deserve a quality education. The Pearson Affordable Learning Fund helps improve access to education for the poorest families in the world. Learn more.

Research and Innovation Network

Understanding the Challenges, Collaborating on Solutions
If we’re going to improve learning outcomes, we need to start with a full understanding of the challenges facing us. The Research & Innovation Network presents research, ideas, and information from the front lines of education. Download papers, attend online events, join the conversation, and more!


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